MTV VMA's 2007

Britney Spears performed and I felt so sorry for her. The poor girl. She must have been high. Her performance was so heartbreaking. I mean the poor child looked liked she was concentrating on every single move and there were not that many between her trying to figure out where to stand next and what to lip sync. It could have been a decent (and I am being generous with that) performance if she just did not look like she was confused and lost on stage. They caught 50 Cents looking so confused and I can't blame him. The chicka looked like she was on something. I am so sorry, that girl needs Jesus.
Sarah Silverman's monologue was hilarious too me. Of course, it was crass and pushing the envelope but I wouldn't expect less. She called Britney's kids "the most adorable mistakes." You know the stars were hoping she didn't say anything about them. I think she was pretty good. I am planning to use her get out of work excuse- "I have diarrhea."

Let me say that I am not crazy about the format that they are trying out this year for the VMA's. I like the concept but something is just a little off. They include clips of celeb sponsored parties before and after commercial breaks. For real, for real, the whole thing just ticks me off. It is one thing to watch the VMA's but totally different when viewers are being taunted with clips are parties that we will never be a part of. RME, whatever.

Now, you know I am not good about listing all the winners, but I will try my best. The next performance was done by Chris Brown and although he did not sing (live singing is on the endangered list) his performance was fire. He did a little Michael Jackson tribute and Rihanna came out to perform a verse of Umbrella. His opening moves were phenomenal. The boy is just a great performer minus the actually singing.

Okay, let me list some winners that I kinda remember:
Justine Timberlake won twice, once for Quadruple Threat
Beyonce won for her duet with Shakira
Rihanna won for something
Fergie won for Female artist of the year (I think)
Fall Out Boy won for Best Group
Gym Class is the Best New Artist
Rihanna's Umbrella won for Video of the Year

Kanye West performed at his party ... whatever. For real, I liked the song though. That's my jam.

There were a whole lot of other mess that happened that I do not care to rehash like the "great performance" that happened in the Palm's nightclub, Rain. Hey, it's MTV, and they have to have something for everyone.

Rihanna performed, Drive (that's my jam too), in one of the private parties. I mention this because I love that song.

Alicia Keys (she looked beatiful on the red carpet) performed a song that I can only assume will be on her album and she tore it up! She ended with a George Micheal Freedom cut and had the crowd standing. Oh, she actually performed live (no lip syncing). On the down side, her outfit was not really all that. She was sexy and all but the outfit was just a little whack. Loved her though.
(taken from
Jamie Foxx presented with Jennifer Garner and he could not shut up! BTW, they have a movie coming out soon, Kingdom or something like that. He was funny as heck though. He was kinda funny but Jennifer Garner had to do all the work.

Dr. Dre was honored for his producing skills, and I have to say that he looks like he been hitting the gym. He wasn't given an award or anything; Mary J. Blige just gave him crazy props and he got a standing-o which was nice. He was looking his age but not in a bad way.

Apparently, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a fist fight and Jamie Foxx had some jokes as did P. Diddy. My new phrase, "Stop the violence in rock n' roll." Diddy said it's not just hip hop. You think?

So, Nelly Furtado, Justin, and Timbo closed the night. They peformed a medley of Timbo inspired hits which I enjoyed.

Lastly, if I had to pick a room to party in, it would have had to be Justine's room. He had everyone and their mama up in their. Then of course I would make my way to Diddy's party. *Sigh* oh well, I will party in my sleep, LOL.


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