Movie Disaster

There is a reason why I do not go to the movies as often as I once did before I had my two wonderful children, and I was painfully reminded of it last weekend when I attempted to see a movie. My husband and I usually go to the first showing of a movie that has been out for a little while. This way there will hardly be anyone in the theater and our kids can have a little more freedom to act like children especially when it is something they are not interested in.

Last weekend, that was the plan. We went to a 1:00 pm showing of the Bourne Ultimatum, knowing that our kids were not going to pay much attention but they would have room to goof around. Well, the theater was practically packed. Okay, fine. We found descent seats where no one was sitting in front of us, so far so good. Then an older couple came in and took the seats we were hoping would stay empty. This was bad.

My son had to go to the bathroom (not really) about two times already and it wasn’t even 20 minutes into the movie. Then he wanted popcorn. I got it because they were starting to act up and I really wanted to watch this movie. At that point, I saw myself as one of those couples that had the nerves to come to the movies with their loud ass kids. I was already a little embarrassed. Then my son spit up and droplets fell on the couple in front of us. I was basically mortified.

I took my kids (my husband stayed) down by the entrance to let them run around while I was still able to watch. Apparently, someone did not appreciate that either because the manager came in to inform me that I could not stay there and had to take a seat. Well, I was not going back to my seat- I was too embarrassed to go back there. I took my two beautiful, lovely children and went out side, called my hubby on his cell phone, and told him it was time to go home.

Tickets to the movies: $14.00
Pop Corn and a drink: $10.00
Forced to leave 40 minutes into the movie: Priceless


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