A Little Mobster in the Making

This week on General Hospital, Leticia, the Corinthos’ nanny, was found strangled to death. Carly and Jason were doubling back to the house to pick her up so that the boys can live with Sonny until the mob threat was over. Jason thought he saw a shadow of something in the bushes and told Carly to go into the house while he checked the sound out. Carly walked in to her home only to find poor Leticia strangled on the floor.

They called the police. Mac and Rodriguez retain them for questioning for a little bit but then allows Jason to take Carly to her children. Lucky is called to the scene away from a dinner he was supposed to have the Elizabeth, Nicholas, and Emily. He goes on about Jason always getting special treatment because they let him take Carly to the boys. Lucky insinuates that maybe Carly should be a suspect (aren’t they cousins?) and Jason shoots that down. Jason answers his questions and just as they are done, Mac inquires whether or not there is anyone that Jason would like to be protected. Of course Jason says no, and Lucky practically screams, “What about Sam?”

Carly goes home to talk to her children about the murder. I was actually surprised that she was civil to Kate who she found having dinner with Sonny and her children. I actually appreciated how both Carly and Kate reacted to the situation.

Carly and Sonny decide to tell the boys together and everyone is obviously devastated. Carly takes Morgan upstairs, leaving the mini mobster to come out. Michael looks at his father and basically orders a hit on Leticia’s murderer. Can’t you just see Michael a couple years from now, a full grown man (because he will take the GH magical growth potion, leave for vacation and return full grown) poising to take over his father’s business. Honestly, at his young age the boy was scary.

Sonny, not so convincingly, tries his best to inform Michael that revenge is not the way. I don’t see that lesson sticking passed the time it takes Michael to walk up to his room. Right after Sonny tells him how revenge will only suck the life out of a person, he proceeds to get on the phone and order the killer found. Sonny did a great job of hiding his anger from the children. Heads are about to roll on General Hospital and if Michael was a little bit older, I would not be surprised if were to have his hands dirty.


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