Heroes 9/24/2007

Heroes Rant & Rave Recap

The highlight of my Monday night was Heroes starting back with new episodes. Contrastly, my husband’s highlight was Monday Night Football.

I do not want to say that I was let down by the season premier episode, but I have to say it. As I watched the limited commercial interrupted premier episode, I kept on expecting just a little bit more. I had a couple areas of disappointment and some that just had me shrugging my shoulders. In true Heroes fashion, though, they busted out with an ending that got me all excited to see the next episode. Heroes has mastered the art of the cliffhanger.

Claire and her Daddy (Mr. Bennet)
I have learned to appreciate Mr. Bennet. You just gotta love him. He will do whatever he has to in order to protect his family. Unfortunately, he still has a penchant for lying to his family. He thinks it is to protect them but they are only going to resent him for it, yet again.

He, the family, and Claire have moved to sunny California to make a new, unsuspecting life for themselves. Everyone, including Mr. Muggles (I think that’s the former show dog's name) must be as ordinary as possible. They are definitely no ordinary family. Claire wants so much to be herself but she has to suppress it or else risk the company finding her. Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet is working at a paper store (for real this time) and has the worst boss ever. He basically keeps harassing Mr. Bennet until, he snaps and gets physical with him. If only it were that easy to get an annoying boss to get off your back.

Claire meets a guy who, for some reason, is all up in her business. Towards the end, viewers see him looking at her from outside her window, looking might creepy. Then he flies away. Personally, I don’t care if you have Superman powers or not, I would not appreciate someone spying on my through my window. Viewers also learned that Mr. Bennet is not living the dull and boring life he projects. He is secretly working with Mohinder to bring the Company down.

Mohinder started off the episode giving a lecture about the Heroes to an audience of about ten people. The lecture was impassioned and even hopeful. After his lecture was finished, someone from the Company offered him a job. Hesitantly he took it. Then viewers learned that he will be a mole inside the Company working to bring it down.

Nathan is a hot mess. This totally disappointed me as I’m sure it did a score of other people. We just see him back. There was no explanation as to what went down. How did he get back? Did he fly his brother off the earth and speed bullet it back before he exploded? What exactly happened? Anyway, he’s was with his mother and she was going on and on about if he had stuck to the plan. He called her evil and she left. Great, Nathan is a drunk? He seems to be wallowing in his pity over the loss of his brother Peter Petrelli (I love saying that name, maybe because he is so fine to me LOL). How did that happen? Did they relieve him of his position? Need more information here.

Maya and her brother, Alejandro
Maya is a new “hero” who so far has been killing more than she has been helping. Apparently, her powers are new to her and she does not know how to handle them. She killed a bus full of people and who knows how many more. Her and is taking her to see Mohinder in the US.

Hiro/His Dad/Ando
Hiro’s father awaits his return and Ando decides to wait with him until he received a death threat in the form of his picture with a mark on it (the same mark on Jessica’s back). Nathan’s mother received the same threat. When she went to see him, he accused her of doing nothing to right all the wrong they did by killing all of the “heroes” that they found in the past. She said nothing and ran off. Towards the end, someone comes towards him and he says that he did not expect it to be him (or her, not sure at this point). They fly off the balcony and Hiro’s father dies. The killer missing.

Hiro, meanwhile, is back in time screwing with history. This whole scene was disappointing in a comical sort of way. Hiro’s hero turns out to be not much of a hero at all and not even Asian. He is an English man who came up with a scheme to get paid. Fortunately or unfortunately, the scheme was working until Hiro showed up and interfered. Did he not watch Back to the Future? He would have known not to interact with the pass unless he wanted to change the future. Hiro must find a way to restore what he messed up.

Matt Parkman/Molly
Mat is divorced, and NYPD detective, and a single father to Molly (the “hero” that can locate all other “heros”). She is having bad dreams about the bad person that is supposed to be worst that Sylar was. She expressed her self through drawings of her fears (including the bad symbol that is all over the place) and drew the concern of her teacher who talked to Matt about it. He tried to talk to her but could not. All viewiers know is that he is a bad man and a killer.

Jessica/Niki and family
Jessica and her family were not part of this episode. Thank goodness for small treats. If they never show them again, it would be totally fine by me. Too bad that propably won’t happen

Peter Petrelli
I knew he was not dead and the end of the episode cofirmed that Peter is alive, powerful, and finer than ever. He does not know who he is though or how he got on a cargo boat, handcuffed to a wall inside a container.

Next to Grey’s Anatomy and Girlfriends, Heroes is my primetime addiction. However, they need some color. Where is the Haitian (Jean)? Hello? Where is he? Simone is dead, her daddy is dead, Isaac got is head cut in half, and for all we know Jessica’s man is dead (which would be fine with me at this point).

One thing I really enjoyed about Heroes was the diversity of the cast- Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians were all represented. Can we get some color back on the show?


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