Halle Berry, Whoopi, and Shaq drama

So, I am trying to turn over a new leaf and stay away from gossip as I hear it is not good for the soul and, in my own way, I am all about saving my soul, right. As much as I would like to call "celebrity news" simply news, some of it is just out right nasty gossip. However (now you knew that was coming) there are things that happen to celebrities whom we know and love that I just cannot avoid discussing, if not for anything else, than for sparking interesting discussions. Keep in mind, this does not include this stupid things that people do; I will talk about those all day, any time of the day LOL.

Anyhow, this is one of those weeks.

What's happening that's worth mentioning? Actually lots.

Did I mention that I am loving Bed? It is like instant replay with me right now and Chrisette Michele's I AM.

Moving on ...

Halle Berry is having a baby y'all! Her people confirmed it, and she is three months along. My mom has this rule that you wait as long as you can before you start making announcements. Well, congrats to Halle and her White chocolate. She tried with the brothers and for whatever reason it did not work. What if she started going around saying that White boys are just different, treat her different and are just better. That's what some of our brothers say, who exclusively date White women. I wish someone would get ticked off about Halle having a baby with her model boyfriend?! Whatever, I am happy for her.

It's Whoopi's first day and already the sister girl is causing drama. Actually she isn't. She made a valid point on The View that did not excuse Michael Vick but shed some light on his recent actions; however, it was taken out of context. Reports started saying how she was defending Vick and dogfighting. She was just giving another side of the story, and I actually appreciated her comments. They made sense unlike the NAACP stepping up to defend Vick without making one lick of sense that God gave fleas.

The piece of tidbit that has everyone talking today is the news of Shaquille O'Neal filing for divorce from his wife Shaunie. The radio airwaves are hot with speculations of what really went down. Rumors are flying around that Shaunie was cheating on him and he found out about it. It is a hot mess. It is always sad to see a marriage disintegrate. I always pray that the couples can work it out and live in a happy, healthy marriage. Of course, that does not always happen. With a 50/50 chance of staying married at all, it takes a whole lot of working to keep things going strong.


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