Gossip GIrl: Where's Nicole Richie?

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Is another show about rich spoiled brats that do not care for anyone outside of their immediate circle what television needs right now? Maybe not exactly but I do not mind that the CW is airing Gossip Girl. It is missing the witty, intelligent dialogue that I will so miss from Veronica Mars. It does not seem that there will be fun, quirky family moments that were so indicative of the Gilmore Girls. However, there will be drama, backstabbing, and an unhealthy dose of cattiness.

Hey, sounds like my kind of show. Actually it sounds like a soap opera. So what they are supposed to be teenagers? The kids on this show act like adults. The only difference is that they have to go to school on Monday instead of work. They have parents that basically let them run loose with barely any supervision except to pressure them into going to the Ivy League school of their choice. Hmmm, oh were I to have that problem.

In the premiere episode, viewers were introduced to Blair and Serena, one time BFFs, via Gossip Girl’s blog. Who is Gossip Girl? No one knows but she is able to get all the juicy details out to the masses as it happens. I believe she is Perez Hilton but that could be just me. At any rate, Serena’s return from boarding school has everyone buzzing about why she is back. I like Serena because she is a semi-reformed bad girl. I am also partial to underdogs and since she has to scratch and claw her way back into the rich girl hierarchy, I am loving her. Blake Lively, who plays Serena, in my opinion, does not have a classic beauty. She is not really cute but she sex appeal. Her attitude is fun and sometimes loving; on occasion, they actually show that she has a heart. She cares more for her brother’s (who attempted suicide) well being than what people will think. The fact that she tried to reach out the Blair knowing that she could get hurt was also a nod to what may be her softer side.

Naturally she is not all good. She slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, Nate, which was why she ran off to boarding school in the first place. Nate, the tortured rich guy (think Austin from A Cinderella Story), is having issues with the fact that his life is basically laid out for him and it seems that he does not have any control. When he heard and saw that Serena was back, it was obvious he was pretty happy over it. After his long time girlfriend, Blair, planned a night of seduction, he was not into it (Um, is that realistic? What high school boy would turn down sex? The ones I knew would hit it and worry about his conscience later). He finally admitted to her that he had sex with Serena before she left and does not want to be with her anymore.

Thinking he is free, he talked to his father only to find out that for the good of the family company (his father is working on a big deal with Blair’s mom) he better get back together with Blair so everything will go smoothly. He did, promising to never speak to Serena again. Too bad he looked like someone locked in misery as he watched Serena get involved with a nobody boy, Dan.

The dynamics of this show are crazy intertwined and I am loving it. My only issue at this point is where is Nicole Richie? Seriously, I saw and Asian chick and a Black chick but they did not speak. All they did was give dirty, insipid looks and hang on Blair’s coat tail. Can we give them some lines or something? A side story? How about the Black chick that visits every once in a while to stir up some drama. Where is Nicole Richie, I say?


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