General Hospital's Lucky and Sam Get it On

This week after trying to get his wife to make love- actually just have sex- and failing miserably, Lucky Spencer trots on over to Sam’s apartment to let out his frustrations, horizontally. He does not even bother to hide it from his brother as he kicks Nicholas out of Sam’s apartment.

I know there are LuSam fans out there, and I apologize for how I am about to go off. The whole scene was a huge bowl of absolute disgust to me. First off the powers that be (TPTB) ticked me off because of two things: Lucky telling Sam that she’s so beautiful and their conversation about no regrets. As a ridiculous (I will admit it) and sometimes irrational (I will admit that too) Liz and Jason Morgan (Liason) fan, I saw it as drawing a parallel to Liason’s night of passion (NOP). I felt that even the hint of a comparison is a complete insult to the wonderful baby-making night Jason and Elizabeth Spencer shared.

First off I think Greg Vaughn and Kelly Monaco are absolutely spectacular. They actually do look great together. Ironically, I do not have any issues with them being together if it was done differently. There is nothing romantic or sexy or hot about them having sex together. I thought the whole thing was sleazy and seedy. I could barely watch it mainly because of how and why it came about. Sam, no matter what the little hoochie mama says, only slept with Lucky to get back at Liz and Jason. I mean she even made sure that they had sex exactly where she told Jason they would. If that is not a planned seduction then I haven’t been watching General Hospital for the better part of 20 years.

Lucky only slept with her because he is fed up with Liz and wants to get back at her. Mostly, I hate the fact that Lucky allowed himself to be played. It does not matter that he knows that Sam is using him. He is still totally unaware of the type of lying manipulator that she truly is. It is painfully evident when he tells her how beautiful she is and follows it up with stating that he bets no one ever told her that. Can they make Lucky, a once wonderful character, look anymore like a fool? Sam has heard that she is beautiful more times than she can possible count. The girl is a scheming hoochie who uses her looks and body to get what she wants. Oh, she has definitely heard how beautiful she is.

TPTB try to make it seem less sleazy than it really is, but when Sam offers to be his anytime meal regardless of his commitments, the sleaze factor just goes off the charts. Here is the problem. Lucky still loves Elizabeth. He is just angry right now and lashing out because he knows she has already slipped away from him. However, this whole scene with Lucky jumping into bed with Sam is just another illumination of how weak he is as a man.

Lucky has suffered this character flaw for so long that, as a viewer, I really do not expect more from him. Elizabeth did not run off to Jason. It was more like Lucky created circumstances that created the pathway for Elizabeth to run away from him. In reality, Lucky’s behavior over the past year and a half could have driven Elizabeth to anyone. She happens to have a history with Jason that made it that much easier.

There is no one to blame in this situation as all parties have done their wrongful deeds (or else it would not be much of a soap opera much fun to watch), but Lucky’s character needs a major overhaul and has needed one for a longtime coming. Let’s hope when he loses his family, he moves in a new direction.


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