Big Shots, Brothers & Sisters, Carpoolers & Cavemen

Big Shots airing Thu., 10PM ET
Starts Sept. 27

New Drama about the drama that these "powerful" men go through especially with the women in their lives. I am pretty happy to see Dylan McDermott (the Practice) and Michael Vartan (Alias) acting again, together is even better. I would actually give this a shot. I caught a glimps of Nia Long, so hopefully she will have a reoccuring role if the show makes it. It is a new show from the directors of Desperate Housewives. Let's hope it doesn't become a desperate attempt at copying the same premise from the men's view point. I think it would miss the mark. Still I am looking foward to it.

Brothers & Sisters airing Sun., 10PM ET
New episode starts Sept. 30
Family drama with Calista Flockhart

AOL Preview: What's Next? Justin returns from Iraq, where he's been seriously injured. Danny Glover guest stars as McAllister's new campaign manager (and Nora's new love interest). Kevin's Scotty, returns for a few episodes. And Nora and Kevin become Republicans ... or at least, pretend to when a cop pulls them over for speeding.

This is one of those shows that I will watch if I catch it. The family is a little crazy, but not crazy enough to make it a must watch.

Carpoolers airing on Tue., 8:30PM ET
Premier episode on Oct. 2
Comedic drama starring Faith Ford, Fred Goss, T.J. Miller, Jerry Minor, Allison Munn, Jerry O'Connell, Tim Peper

So, four guys that really are all average dudes car pool to work together and talk about the drama in their lives. One is married and whipped. One is a divorced playboy. One is married to a wife that apparently makes way more money. The last guy is a newlywed. The preview did not make me laugh once. This show is not going to make it.

Cavemen airing on Tue., 8PM ET
Premier episode on Oct. 2
Comedy staring Kaitlin Doubleday, Bill English, John Heard, Nick Kroll, Stephanie Lemelin, Dash Mihok

Seriously, the commercials are one thing but doing a sitcom about cavemen trying to navigate in the world is not hitting the mark. The preview had some witty one liners that really did not have me even cracking a smile. This is another show that I don't think is going to make it very far.


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