Ashanti is in a Movie!

Have you been wondering what Ashanti has been up to? You know she is the singer that used to role with ... hmmm, what were they called ... oh, it's coming back to me- Murder Inc, Irv Gotti and nem.

If no one else was wondering, I was. Well, she is in a movie. Resident Evil: Extinction is out today. I have actually watched both Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I enjoyed Resident Evil but was disappointed by Apocalypse. I would actually go see Extinction if I was a movie goer (an you all know why I am not) because I love zombie movies. I will have to wait till it come out on video.

I have to say based on this trailer this one looks a lot better than the second installment. Ari Larter who plays Jessica on Heroes is also starring in it. Hopefully she is nothing like her Heroes character because I can't stand her. Mike Epps also has a role.

Hey, if you are not into feel good comedies then this would be the perfect movie to see this weekend.


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