4400 September 16, 2007

The latest episode of The 4400 was so good that it could have ended the season. I cannot imagine what else is in store for the characters of 4400.

Tom Baldwin is back. Diana and Meghan were able to get the future personality out of him by injecting him with a high dose of radioactive material. At first, it seemed as though he was not going to make it. Shawn tried several times to revive him with no result until he gave up. In true television dramatic fashion, Tom’s chest rose and his eyes opened just as tears were falling for him.

The return left him somewhat useless for most of the episode. Initially he did not remember the Jordan Collier plot and all he could do was feel guilty about murdering several people. Once he did remember though, he pretended to still be marked in order to help free Jordan. Unfortunately, his plan did not work because the marked sister girl (can’t remember her name LOL) sent Isabelle off to kill Kyle and when she informed Tom of that, he flinched and gave his mark-free status away. Just as he was about to pull an escape, he was apprehended and tied up right next to Jordan.

Meanwhile, the whole city was getting infected with Promicin. In the previous episode, Shawn’s brother took Promicin but we were left wondering what his ability would be. In this episode, viewers found out. His ability was to spread the Promicin like an airborne virus. Half the people infected died a painful death while the other half developed abilities. What a great way to even the playing field a little bit between some of those at NTAC.

In order to stop the spread, they had to suppress his ability, which eventually cost him his life. In one day, Shawn lost both his mother and brother. Diana was immune from the virus due to the earlier experiments that were done on her by Dr. Burkhoff. They tested her blood to find out why and were able to find a cure for the Promicin virus. However, they lost a few NTAC staff and at the end of the episode Meghan had an ability as did Marco and the guy that was supposed to be Tom’s new partner before Diana returned. They are all pretty cool abilities.

While the Promicin virus was being spread, the authorities loss complete control of the city, forcing them to turn over things to Jordan’s group led by Kyle since Jordan was kidnapped. Towards the end, they still had control of the city with no indication that they would hand over control once everything was settled and back to normal.

Maia needs to be put away. She is getting more and more annoying. Diana was talking to her about the danger of having Jordan Collier, the self-appointed messiah, as the “leader” of the city. Maia she got all freaky on her and said that now “we” control things.

Isabelle is dead. I am so disappointed. There goes the minority representation. Her father is gone, the marked sister-girl is dead and now Isabelle. When they sent her off to kill Kyle, she could not go through with it. She knew she was going to die, so she kissed him goodbye and went to do damage. Isabelle busted up in the house where Collier and Baldwin were being held and stated killing off the guards. The marked sister-girl came out and as Isabelle was killing her she herself was dying. She was able to hold off her death long enough to free Jordan and Baldwin. Then she died in there arms.

Once released, Baldwin lets Collier know what he has to do to get the future personality out of him and who the other marked ones are. Jordan questions this, and Tom lets him know that “officially” he would have to go through too much red tap.

At the end of the episode, Crazy Kyle comes in to tell his father how he understands the guilt he must feel after being forced to kill those people. He basically tells him the one way to move on is to take the Promicin.

The ending of the show brought everything together very nicely. We saw some of the NTAC people acquiring their abilities, Tom interacting with his son, Jordan “preaching” about the new world, and Shawn menacingly/depressingly (a little bit of both) looking down at a magazine article that questions whether or not Jordan can be stopped. This is all topped off with a shot of a sign that used to read “Welcome To Seattle” but Seattle was spray painted out and replaced with “Promise City.”

I am definitely back for more episodes.

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