Ever dated someone that no body liked? I have and no one understood why the heck I was with this person. When it was over all of my friends breathed in a collective sigh of relief. I think that's what Usher is going through right now because I don't think there are many people who really care for the chicka in his life, Tameka Foster.

So what now? Well Eurweb is reporting that Usher wants to shut down one of his top fan sites because the editor is expressing negativity towards his lady friend. Already he has parted ways with most of his management team including his mama, now the boy wants to stop fans from expressing themselves. Dude, seriously, you take the good with the bad. It is like trying to cut your nose to spite your face, either way Usher is getting hurt.

It is great that the boy found a girl to roll with, but he seems to be acting a little out of sorts and doing things that don't even make sense. If she is going to be your lady, she better get used to the comments.


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