So You Think You Can Dance Results

This has to be my favorite reality show ever! That's not really saying a lot since I am not a huge reality watcher, but I just love this show.

Anyway, Cedric and Shauna were the ones voted off last night. Cedric danced great but it was his time to go. Compared to the other dancers, he just couldn't hang overall. He is definitely somebody to watch out for though. I totally see him doing so much more than just dancing. Shauna ... well, there's not much to say besides somebody has to go. I think everyone dancing is outstanding at this point.

My favorites are Danny and Anya and Dominic and Sabra. Sabra is definitely my most favorite girl and Pasha my most favorite guy.

The best dance of last night, IMO, was Lacey and Kameron.

Cedric and Shauna's performance


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