No College for Fat Girls

No College for Fat Girls?

College less likely for obese
Study: Overweight girls attend half as often as healthier peers
12:00 AM CDT on Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Cox News Service

AUSTIN – A study being released today by a University of Texas researcher shows that obese girls are half as likely to attend college as peers who have healthier weights.
"How kids perform in school has a lot to do with whether they fit in socially and how they relate to others," professor Robert Crosnoe said.

Mr. Crosnoe used data compiled by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which tracks national health statistics for more than 11,000 American adolescents.
He found that overweight girls are even less likely to attend college if obesity is uncommon in their high schools and that they are also more likely to be at risk of committing suicide and using drugs.
I'm thinking it is not so much as the fact that the girls are obese as it is their self-esteem is shot to hell. With the images of Olive Oil being the standard of beauty it is hard for a thick chick to believe she is all that, and fine and sexy. If she is at a school where her size makes her the stand out, it is even more difficult.

That is why, as much as Mo'nique gets on my nerves, I applaud her for what she is trying to do. Honestly, I don't think we should be celebrating obesity but we should learn to love the skin (and body cushion) that we are in. I think Mo'nique can get her point across while at the same time promoting a healthier life style.

However, we need to see that it is not all about skin and bones. There are a lot of beautiful thick woman out there and little girls need to see more of them. That is why the Dove campaign was so awesome.

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Anonymous said…
Indeed we SHOULD be celebrating loving ourselves and if that includes being 'obese' then so be it. While I applaud your comments I think your word choice should include loving obesity especially if one has no other recourse. If you commend loving yourself then you should also comment celebrating obesity. Just my humble opinion.
Me said…
I guess in a perfect world, I would be able to agree with you 100% and vice versa. In my culture, loving obesity is a part of life. In fact, being slim is definitely not desired; however, I personally never felt that way.

I do believe that people should love themselves regardless of what weight they are. If I were obese, you better believe I would be loving me, but I would also be working on my health. I know there are those that can't help it and they have learned to live with it. My mother applauds it. However, I stay telling her to try a live a healthier life style (not that I am that great at it myself) because she has health issues. The bottom line for me is that obesity causes health risk. So, while I am for a strong self-esteem regardless of weight, looks, or whatever; I personally just can't celebrate obesity.

I love your humble opionin as this is mine. Please keep commenting!

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