Michael Vick

New coach, new system, new season, new indictment.

This season was supposed to be the make or break season for Michael Vick, the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. It is the season that big things are supposed to happen. However, Michael Vic may not be a part of that. The team even brought in another quarterback just in case they had a situation from the brewing dog abuse charges that were stirring over Vic's shoulders.

Well, he has been indicted on a number of dog abuse charges for his organized dog fights. The Feds searched his property and allegedly found about 17 dogs buried there. He is on the line for trafficking the dogs and making them fight for sport.

There is soooo much more that I can say about this but I am saving it for the radio show. Can we just say that the man is a raging idiot. PETA where you at now? This seems like the perfect case.

More to come on the stupidity that is Michael Vick.


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