Laurie Ann Gibson and Diddy part ways on Making the Band 4

Now, I heard about all the drama that went down with these two a few weeks ago, but I was reserving comment until the episode aired. I am sure that I could not have been the only one watching last night (Monday, July 23rd) to see what all went down.

I actually stayed up to watch it (I am trying to go to bed at a decent hour). Anyway, I know the real reason why things didn't end well between the dynamic, hyperactive duo.

Is there anyone out there, who is aware of Diddy that doesn't know he has an ego the size of Africa (I'm talking the entire continent) better yet, the size of the Antarctic? So, why would Laurie Ann come out of her face and tell the man that the show would be nothing without her?

So, she was doing her usual exclamations and Diddy told her to calm that mess down or else he was going to have to edit her butt out. Laurie Ann proceeded to let him know that he couldn't edit her out because she was the show. Oh really?! Uh oh. Diddy did not like that too much.

I knew right then and there, without knowing about the chair throwing allegations, that it was all over for Ms. Laurie Ann Gibson boomcacker to the stars. IMHO, Diddy knew he wanted to get rid of her before the day of the cuts. He just made it a dramatic parting. I don't know about any chair throwing because they cut the cameras off but I could hear some major yelling. The clip is bound to make the Youtube rounds. I wholeheartedly believe it was all masterminded by the maniacal Diddy himself and he got a ratings boost from the whole thing.

Lauri Ann, so I hear, will be moving on to her own show. Time will tell whether or not she made the right decision by mouthing off to her boss.


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