Ciara and 50 Cent

Have you all seen this video they have out! What the hell? Bow Wow is at home right now crying and wishing he didn't make a fool out of himself at BET awards when he went with Ciara talking about how he's like Tom, hopping on someone's couch.

I never understand why stars have to say things they may live to regret. Anyway, the video wouldn't be that big of a deal if Ciara and 50 Cent were not rumored to be dating for real.

Here's the thing, she is all up on him, skin to skin and what not. It almost makes me look twice at 50. Although he has a pretty well kept body, I have never cared for his looks myself. However with Ciara pawing all over him, it almost makes me doubt myself. I'm like, "Well, maybe he is cute?" LOL. Then again, maybe not.

The video is Can't Leave 'Em Alone

If the above doesn't work visit her page at Yahoo Ciara


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