The Bitch Slap Heard Throughout Soap Land

OMG! I was watching my digital recorded episode of General Hospital today and thought that it was a pretty good one. I enjoyed seeing Lulu and Logan together. I loved that Amelia was still trying to stick it to Sam. It was nice that Nicholas was showing an interest in his brother's welfare. Of course, as much as I love to hate her, Carly was getting on my nerves by being all up in Jason's business.

Then she decides to go over to Jason's penthouse to make sure that Sam leaves without absconding the silverware. Well, I was shocked when Sam back hands her across the face. Seriously, it was the funniest thing. I know I should not have laughed with the both of them being ticked off and all, but I couldn't help myself. Even though I can't stand Sam right now (actually, I never could), I was so loving her at that moment.

She pulled that hand back and back handed Carly so bad, I was half expecting her to say, "Bitch, where my money?" I have to be honest, I watched that last part of the scene several times before I erased it. Youtubers, please hurry and put it on there.


Anonymous said…
it's the best scene that i saw on gh in a long time just like you i had to watch it over and over again i loved it somebody needed to slap that bitch carly and unlike you i like the character sam by the writers of the show is doing her no justice except for that one beautiful scene that will go down as the greatest scene ever
Me said…
LOL, I have to agree with you on the greatest scene. They both played it so well. Carly is getting out of control and totally deserved the slapping.

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