That's my jam ...
You Make Me Better by Fabulous featuring Neyo is my jam this week. You can watch and listen below. If the youtube screen doesn't work just click the link.

As much as I love the song, I have all kinds of problems with the video. First off, the video didn't make much sense. Did he know the hottie before he got to the club? Is she security? It doesn't make much sense at all that he is rapping about how she holds him up when they just met.

Lastly, couldn't a sister make him better. I have nothing at all against Roselyn Sanchez. She is a beautiful female, but Fabulous couldn't find a beautiful, fine African American female to make him better. I can name quite a few. On that note, I had to squint pretty hard to find any dark hue with unbeweavable hair throughout the entire video.

I know I'm not supposed to be on a soap box but this thing that is happening will continue to concern me until ... well, probably the day I die. Where are all the real sister? Before I go off on a tangent, I am going to reserve my rant for another post.

Anyway, enjoy this new joint.

Make me Better


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