So You Think You Can Dance

Another summer, another season of So You Think You Can Dance, and I am ridiculously excited. Truly, it is sickening. We are down to 9 couples who are all fabulous. It seems that the competion has been stepped up a little bit this year. Tonight the dancers performed and were all on point. The judged did give some unflattering comments but every single person dancing out there put there best foot forward.

Usually, I discuss the couple that stood out to me but they were really all very good. I find that I have been enjoying the modern pieces more and more and tonight did not dissapoint. I will say that I am worried for Cedric and Faina. I thought Cedric did a pretty good job but he got killed by the judges. He needs to keep himself out of the bottom three because they can only save him so many times before they send him packing. I think he can do great things but he needs to just relax.
Sabra and Dominic's Modern Performance.

The competition is definitely fierce and I can't wait to watch the results show and see what dance they all do at the beginning. Last weeks open number to Busta Rhymes was off the hook.

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