The Picture File
Here are some more funny/crazy pictures. Remember, I don't know if these are real or doctored, but they are still funny as heck.

I would hate to be the guys that messed around with these chicks.

Now, that is funny. She put him on blast. Hopefully, it is a high traffic area where everyone who drives by will know exactly which Steven it is. Obviously, she doesn't mind thier business being out there.
Now, you know darn well that the chick who did this is going straight to jail.
Since the chick is in the pic, she will be paying to get the car repainted, unless homeboy is straight stupid.
Oh boy. What a way to put someone out.
Hmmm, if this wasn't illegal, the woman who did this could have a lucrative business on her hand. I'm sure women who learned thier husband's or partners or whatever was cheating, imagined doing something like this in their minds.


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