New Season Four of The 4400
The new season of 4400 started and I can't say that it started off with any kind of bang. It definitely was not a horrible kick off but considering that many people were highly anticipating its return, the new season started off on a low. It could mean that the slow start will grow and there will be great things to come, creating a build up to something phenomenal but for some reason I just doubt that. Honestly, the episode just felt like a middle of the season ordinary thing. Did they answer some of the outstanding questions that were left from last season? Yes they did. I think they could have answered them with a little more fanfare.

Isabelle is now in lock up and although she doesn't have any powers, some how she is still connected to those in the future who have taken Alana and apparently stuck her back in the past. Maia, her adoptive mother, Diane, and her mother's boyfriend are all settled in not being settle and have decided to make a permanent move until she gets a call that her sister may have taken promicin. Kyle came back and he also took the promicin but apparently nothing happened to him; however, that may not actually be the case as we learn in the end when we find out the girl that he talked to in the park doesn't seem to exist anywhere. This news wouldn't be a big deal if she wasn't the one who coached him into using promicin to jump kick Shawn out of his coma.

Jordan and the doc, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Tess, are still on the run, but he leaves them hanging when a little boy who injected himself with promicin start taking over the city because everyone that comes into contact with him wants to worship him. Jordan somehow has the ability to remove the promicin from someones system who is not an original 4400.
This does not bode we'll for the authorities who are trying to capture him.
Other things did happen but nothing that is particularly mind blowing. Don't get me wrong, I still love the 4400 and still recommend that you tune in. I was just personally disappointed by the first episode of the new season. It is still a great show to watch and I am intrigued by what will happen next. 4400 airs on Sunday night, 9/8 central on USA.


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