A mother in despair. Screen capture taken from General Hospitals Happening2. Great Site for GH Lovers!
General Hospital's Missing Baby
This week on General Hospital a baby goes missing and it is on. Can you imagine having a little precious baby boy whom you just love to pieces all of a sudden disappearing in what seems to be the blink of your eyes? I can't even begin to imagine what that would feel like.

Elizabeth Spencer is having just another regular day at the park with her two children when she put her infant son hin his stroller and paused to tie the laces of her toddler's sneakers. She turned her back away from baby Jake for just one instant and when she turned back to buckle him in, he was gone. Now as much as I dislike what a character is doing like how I am hating Liz still keeping the paternity of Jake a secret, I don’t wish that kind of torment on any mother.

One can only imagine all the thoughts that are going through her head. Did someone find out that Jason is the father? Maybe it is one of Lucky's enemies from work. Is it God's way of punishing her for the deception that she is perpetuating? She is probably feeling all kinds of guilt and just wants to get her child back. On top of that, her husband is not helping matters. Lucky needs to be slapped with the back hand. Instead of supporting her and helping her through it by banding together, he wants to yell and scream at her as if that is going to help. In addition, he wants to start going off at the mouth about Jason. I can't be the only one that wanted Liz to yell out to him, "They baby is not yours, you good for nothing oaf!" Too bad she didn't.

Meanwhile, crazy Sam is running around hiding behind bushes to spy on Liz and her family, talking crazy talk about how she wish Jake would just disappear, and drinking herself to a blabbering stupor. For all that Amelia hates her, she sure has saved Sam's butt on many occaisions like today when she almost blurted out the truth the Carly. Hmmm, I wouldn't have minded that too much then Jason could have written her off (at least he better had like he did to Robin and she was way better than Sam, imo). Jerry Jax is nowhere to be found and Jason, who would move heaven and earth to find his son, is still in lock up with monster Lucky yelling for him to leave his family alone. If only they would put him and me out of misery by revealing the truth.

I am sure that Sam will be suspect number one and she totally deserves it. After everything that Jason has found out about her and her past last week, the question is will he also suspect her or support her. Will there be any evidence to prove or disprove her innocence? Tragedies tend to bring people closer together. I can't help but wonder whether or not Baby Jake's abduction will be the thing that brings Jason and Elizabeth even closer together while creating a growing wedge (rift) between them and their significant others.


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