I actually wrote this on May 30, 2007.

So, today I am at this radiation training and I was a little late getting here because I followed the Mapquest directions and got a little lost. Sometimes they include things in that do not need to be there and only causes confusion.

I am not to crazy about Mapquest sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can hop on my computer and pull directions to anywhere in the US by simple clicks here and there; however, the bottom line is that no one likes to get lost when they think they are going on the right path. Putting that all aside, I am writing because I realize that I really need to start writing in my journal again. I feel like I have so much to say sometime. The unfortunate truth is that I think I just get lazy. That is the best and only way to put it.

I have not been in the best of moods lately because I can't seem to find the time to finish my current book and work on my other writing projects. The only time I actually find to write is when I am disciplined enough to write during my breaks at work. Once I get home, it is all over and time just escapes me.

When I work on my writing, I am the happiest. That is why I am sure that is what I want to do, supposed to do even. Let’s get this straight- although I have written a few articles on entertainment here and there, I am really talking about writing novels. Putting a story together from nothing, creating personalities and lives on paper that people can relate to or imagine in real life is the most satisfying thing to me. I can totally loose myself in the task.

I guess that is why I have been in a mood lately. Am I the only one that sometimes feels like my life is a little out of control? Now, I don't say that negatively because sometimes things are like that and we just have to adjust; however, it is not at all reassuring when your life feels like it is off course. Like when you get directions from Mapquest and you are fairly confident about following those directions, knowing that they will lead you to your desired destination. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way you make a wrong turn and find yourself totally off track.

It can be disconcerting and frustrating, making a person feel out of sorts and upset. What are the options when caught in that situation? Well we can't sit in the driver's seat and stew in our own confusion. At some point a decision needs to be made on where to go. We have to decide to either keep on going and do whatever we can to get back on track to ultimately get to our destination or we turn around and go back home.

For me, going back is not an option because there is really no future to go back to, not a future I want to invest in anyway or one that is going to be challenging. When it comes to accomplishing my goal, getting to my destination, I have to get myself together and regroup and forge on. I may have to stop and ask for directions or re-plan my trip, but I am going to arrive. That is the bottom line.

So, when you find yourself feeling loss and out of sorts, stop, assess your situation, make the decision to go on, regroup, redirect, and take action. Additional thoughts that will be helpful on your journey are:
  • Be thankful for what you do have even if you want to accomplish more
  • Don't forget to enjoy the beauties of nature.
  • Ignoring the beauty around you for what you don't yet have is a sure way to bring on depression Lastly, smile through it all and know that you have the inner strength to make your dreams come true.

I sure all this sounds a little corny but it works.


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