Crazy E-mails

So, I will be the first to let you know that I hate forwards. I hardly read any of them but on occasion the mood will strike me. Now, I have rules to reading forwards. I don't read them if they are long. Once I open them up and see that they are more than five lines, it's an automatic delete. If have have to down load something or click on another link, I delete those too.

I am almost always willing to look at pictures. With that said, I will be periodically sharing some of the crazy pictures that my friends forward me.

I got on recently with pictures of houses in the weirdest places. I have no idea if these are true or photoshop manipulated, but they are still crazy.

So, where does all the crap go? It can't be safe for the tree, right. One day lightning will strike and it's all over.

I'm saying, how do they heat the house up? A girl like me, wouldn't be vacationing there as cool (no pun intended lol) as it looks.


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