New Televisions Shows

So, I discovered this new show ... well, it's new to me. Thank God You're Here is a comedy show where stars are placed into various scenes and have to do improvisations to get laughs. I am actually really happy to see David Alan Grier back on the small screen with what I think will be a solid show.

The show is funny. It is funny when the celebrities actually get laughs but even entertaining when they flop. It is definitely worth the watch. It airs on NBC Wednesday nights at 8:00pm. I am recording Bones so nothing really conflicts.

I also caught Grey's Anatomy tonight. It was mixed with the first episode of Private Practice (may not be the final name), the new television show that spins off of Grey's Anatomy with Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery . I want to say more but this topic definitely deserves some show time, so check back to see when a new podcast is up. Besides, I still haven't made up my mind about the show. Other stars include, Timothy Daly as Pete (a wholistic doctor practicing Asian medicine and is a hottie) Taye Diggs as Jackson (who can help me get my groove back anytime , Merrin Dungey as Naomi (Jackson't ex-wife), Amy Brenneman (Violet the shrink), and Chris Lowell (Dell ) to name a few.


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