My television obsession is back!
Really it never left but with the return of Heroes and Veronica Mars, I am book for Monday and Tuesday nights once again. Yes!
So there is so much to talk about with Heroes and Veronica Mars. I really wish I had the time to properly devote for a podcast. I also want to discuss General Hospital and Grey's Anatomy.

Until then let me just say that I could totally jump PETER PETRELLI's bones. Ever since he started collecting powers and asserting himself, I knew he was going to be fine. Now why did they have to saddle him with that damn Nikki/Jessica.

Veronica Mars

I love that it's back. I especially love the soapy ending with her kissing Piz and Logan catching them. Really, who doesn't know that Logan will always want him some Veronica. Oh, all the case solving stuff is cool too.
So look for my next podcast where I talk about all these juicy tidbits.


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