American Idol DOESN'T Give Back

Well, they are not giving anything back to me when they should. Please listen to my drama with American Idol's Give Back campaign after I donated my money. It is really the principle of the matter, in my opinion more than the money. You be the judge!
American Idol doesn’t give back

That’s right, I said it. I was happy to tune in to American Idol Give Back show. I sat and boohoo cried with the strategically picked scenes and decided that I wanted to help. Sure, I knew that I was playing right into their hands. However, I believed that my money would go to a worthy cause. I am still confident that it still will but … now of course this wouldn’t be worth talking about if there wasn’t a but. Well here it goes.

After the show, I talked with my husband and decided on an amount to donate. I tried calling but the lines were busy so I decided to do it online. I go online, fill out the donation form and hit submit one time. A few days later, I am checking my account and my heart starts to palpitate. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that American Idol withdraw three times as much of what I donated and had another donation pending for a total of four times what I initially donated!

Now, I am nervous. In totally they have withdrawn $400.00 from my account. At this point, I am feeling totally violated. It is one thing if I wanted to give $400.00 but I only donated $100.00. Finally, I decide to cool it a bit. I call the donation number. I get through with no waiting. Of course, they give me another number to call after I have explained my situation. I call that number. Before I am able to talk to someone, they put me on hold for five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!!

When I finally talk to someone about the situation, she tells me that she is going to submit my claim to the billing department and they will issue a refund in five to ten days. WHAT?! It didn’t take five to ten days for these thieves to take the money out of my account but it is going to take five to ten days to put it back. It is the beginning of the month and bills need to be paid. I could be bouncing checks for all they know and they are going to take five to ten days to put my money back into my account, money that they took without my consent.

The representative had to nerve to tell me that it was a computer glich like that should make a difference. I just want my money back. She informed me that it has happened to several people. Now the implication for this, in my opinion, is huge. Was this “stolen” money included in their 60+ million dollar calculation? Exactly how many people did this happen to? I cannot be the only one. Is it fair that they would do this to people who are putting their trust in American Idol to donate their money and then have them take more than was promised and keep it for so long? Are they hoping that people will feel bad by wanting their money back and just forget about it? Was this their plan all along?

I don’t know the answers to any of those questions. What I do know is that I want my money back yesterday!!

My rant is pretty short but listen if you want to anyway.


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