Trying again.

This is so how I'm feeling right now ...

So, here I am trying to record a new radio show and it is not working yet again. The last time I had some major technical difficulties, but this time I am having personal issues like my husband. Here he is running around the house pretending to be Mr. Fix It. We are putting in some flood lights out side of our house ... well, I should say we are watching a professional put in flood lights. My husband is pretending to know what's going on and all the while, I am unable to record my show because of the ruckus that is going on around me.

I have quite a bit to discuss too that's going to wind up being old news by the time I record a new show. Besides, I have made a vow to start writing again so that I could finish my current project and move on to the next but that is like a far far far way dream that I just can't seem to tap into.

So anyway, here's what's coming this week (hopefully, maybe, I can't promise anything): Akon (he is so irritating me and I can't wait to tell you why), Book Review, celebrity tidbits, GH talk (I am really irritated with Carly), Heroes (though it is not going to be on for a while), music tidbits (what I'm feeling right now) and talk with a debt specialist.


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