Holy Crap! I am so ticked off right now.

I know I haven't done a show in the past couple of weeks, so I just sat down at 1:00 in the morning to record a show. I spent about one hour working on it. I had my Heroes update along with some news tidbits on different stories that touched me today. I go back to listen to the show and get it edited only to find that I can't hear a darn thing that I am saying. Oh hell to da naw (to quote my girl Whitney)!

I have children and they like to touch and they apparently fiddled with my mic. I didn't think to check it and voila, I wasted and hour and a half of my sleep time on recording something that I can't use.

So until then enjoy my review of Fegie's album, The Dutchess, and Christina Dodd's book review for The Prince Kidnaps a Bride.


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