Brandon Rogers is the first casualty of American Idol's top 12 finalist, and I really mean casualty. Why? Well because Sanjaya is still there. Let me be the first to say that I was all for him at the beginning. That drastically changed when that boy hit the stage. He has been positively horrible. The only reason he is still on is because of the little girlies who think he's so cute and maybe people feel sorry for him. There is no reason to feel sorry for him because he has gone on far enough. I feel like I am watching Dancing With The Stars when first Master P then Jerry Springer kept of staying way past their time.

The look on Sanjaya's face told it all. He knew his butt should be going home. Everyone was consoling him and patting him on the back! He ain't the one leaving. Not for nothing, I am not even concerned about Brandon. He is going to be just fine. I just can't stand to watch Sanjaya anymore. The hair alone annoys me. It just isn't cute anymore.


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