So, last week my shows were on and popping last week. Check back for this weeks update but for now enjoy last week highlights.

24: I didn't get to watch this episode in full but I caught the last 5 minutes. Now I understand why Jack Bauer is so off the chain. His family is absolutely nuts, starting with his evil daddy. Here I thought Graham was the one we had to worry about.

Heroes: I am so over Nikki or whoever she's supposed to be. I tell you one thing, that Psychiatrist was so arrogant that I didn't real feel too bad for her. The girl told her not to bring Jessica out and she wants to mess around. On the real, if Sylar wouldn't be even more powerful, I would love for him to pay a visit to that whole family. Even Micah is starting to get on my nerves.

Greys: As always, I loved the show. Cali was too funny today. I am trying to understand why they insisted on constantly showing that pregnant lady's smashed up face. It was definitly cringe worthy. I'm sure her baby is giving her the will to live.


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