General Hospital Today

So, you've heard me talk about the GH hostage situation. Since I won't be doing a show on a daily basis, I thought I would highlight my ten favorite and not so favorite moments.

10. Sam recognizes Jason. I don't really have much to say about this. I guess it's a good thing.

9. Georgie sighting. So, I was excited to see her after a while because she is one of my favorites ... but wait ...

8. Georgie shrieking. I know she was worried about her sister and all but the whole screaming at Lucky thing annoyed me. I'm not trying to take away from Lucky's part in the whole situation but screaming on him as if Maxie was taken advantage off was totally off base. I know that Georgie makes sense most of the time.

7. Dillon going on and on about Lulu. Oh shut up already! His uncle is fighting for his life (the same uncle he was investigating) and you are over here wondering about Lulu. Just break up with Georgie already and that way I can fast forward all of his scenes.

6. Luke can't handle he pressure. This was a good thing. He tried to negotiate with Craig and couldn't handle it because of Lulu. It was touching to see Luke actually moved by his daughter.

5. Jason's girls. Elizabeth is my girl and Sam is not, but I always love them together. I like when they are at odds and I really liked it when they were being nice to each other today. I especially loved that Jason was there to hear them.

4. Screaming Lulu. I know that having a gun to your throat is traumatizing but good grief, the girl is annoying. Maybe if she hadn't been hollering through out the whole year, I would have some sympathy, but I'm tapped out.

3. Robin speaks. The girl's gut is patched up McGiver style and she wants to be witty and self-sacrificing. Her chat with Nem (Nicholas and Emily) was touching.

2. Carly thinks of Jax. There is still hope for my boy. Truth be told, I'm not a fan of Jax considering the way he has treated the women in his life. I love that Carly has him whipped. I love that she thought of him because I so don't want a CarSon (Carly and Sonny) reunion.

1. Sky out on her own. Poor poor Sky. Personally, I think all the blame on sky is a bit over dramatic. It is really a plot point, in my opinion. I really don't totally blame her because she didn't know Craig was going to storm in and take hostages. Personally, I think she is an idiot for the whole Lorenzo 180. Nevertheless, she was a strong lioness today. When Edward mentioned her daughter, Sky was ready to tear him apart and I loved it!

So, check out this youtube clip. It highlights some of the moments.


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