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Love Becomes Her
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No Male Bashing Here!

In “Love Becomes Her,” Donna Hill writes about four fabulous women who are having issues in their life and details how they go about dealing with the problems that life dishes up. After years of contentment being a widow, Barbara Allen not only has to deal with getting back into dating but also with a younger man chasing after her. Her friends, Elizabeth, Ann Marie, and Stephanie, all say go for it but she is still hesitant. Elizabeth, herself, has to deal with a cheating husband who no longer wants to be her husband. Stephanie finds herself in an abusive relationship. While Ann Marie, not to be out done, has to deal with her grown daughter moving back home because of her own brand of man problems.

What I absolutely loved about this novel is the way Hill draw me in to the lives of the characters. One minute I was laughing with them and in the next page I would be moved to tears. Hill does a great job of weaving the lives of the characters together through their bonding moments. Friendship is the common thread that only gets stronger as each character opens up about her life. This book is a celebration of friendship and women. Too often, we read about woman being catty with each other and set against each other instead of lifting each other up. “Love Becomes Her” separates itself in that it shows women lifting themselves up to rise above their circumstances no matter what the cause.

Even though they were going through bad relationships with men, there was never the feeling of male bashing. Donna Hill does a great job of bringing these women together and telling their story. I can’t wait to read the next installment of this Pause For Men series.

Wanda M. Toby
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