People, if you have an Ipod or any digital music player, please go over to my podcast page and subscribe. I would greatly appreciate it. Subscribe and tell all your friends to subscribe especially if you like the show. If you don't ... well, do it anyway and pass it along; you may have a friend that will love the show :).

Also don't forget that you can be a guest on the show. I am looking for people to interview for new segments of my show. If you have a dream job and love to talk about it, please give me a holla. I would love to interview you about your jobs, why you love it and how you got there.

For those in the entertainment biz, I would love to interview you too. If you are behing the scenes, in front, whatever. I'm interested in artist, musicians, singers, dancers, producers, promoters, whatever!

Send me an e-mail at!


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