American Ido's Top 24

American Idol selected the top 24 contestants last night and although I wasn't overlly interested in the episode, I do want to do a quick run down.

First, lets talk about the ones that I am rooting for. Now, they all can sing and have great voices but, to me, they have that something extra or a really good story behind them.

The guys:

Sanjaya: He is just so cute and sweet. That smile is as big as a mansion. I can't wait to see how he looks with a make over. Oh, he can sing too. :)

I am not even going to lie about this kid. When Blake first came on doing his b-boxing thing, I rolled my eyes. The boy can sing though and has a little style about him that I'm feeling. I wish he would slow down on the beats because he is reminding me of Justin Timberlake.

Now, Chris has a really great name- Chris Sligh. It's catchy but he doesn't look the part until he opens his mouth. The boy has personality and a smooth voice. He completely throws you off.

Phil Stacey is another great name. He looks a little funny, sorry to say, but I like his story and his voice.


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