American Ido's Top 24

American Idol selected the top 24 contestants last night and although I wasn't overlly interested in the episode, I do want to do a quick run down.

First, lets talk about the ones that I am rooting for. Now, they all can sing and have great voices but, to me, they have that something extra or a really good story behind them.

The Girls:

I think I like Gina because she was trying to make it again. Her personality is real cool and she has her own brand of style.

Lakisha, Lakisha, Lakisah ... I love this girl because she can sang (yea, sang). I love that she is doing all this for her baby. It is sweet and touching and all that, but ... (I know you all saw that coming) can we get a make over real quick please. I am not a big fan of weave, especially bad weave but Ms. Jones could of got a chick down at the beauty shop to hook her up.

Melinda Doolittle is going places. The girl has a beautiful voice and is starting to come into her own. If she can gain more confidence, she is going to be fire.


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