Selling Tampa: Balancing it out

 Selling Tampa on Netflix

Selling Tampa takes an inside look into the inner workings of the Allure real estate agency, an all-female, black-owned agency created by Sharelle Rosado. I have reached episode five and definitely plan to see it through. I enjoy watching these shows for a couple of reasons: I am interested and intrigued in the real estate business, and I like to see the homes and who’s buying and selling these places. Who are these buyers spending ridiculous amounts of money on these luxury homes? I have watched most versions of Million Dollar Listings, and several different shows about the home business on multiple networks. Interestingly enough, I have not watched Selling Sunset which was before Selling Tampa, but I may if I find the time. 

Of course, I had to watch Selling Tampa to see this black-owned agency rise up and make deals. I am at episode five and the ladies are definitely making moves. What I enjoy about the show so far is that it’s not ratchet and does a good job of showing the ladies balance their personal lives against business. I am not a big reality TV watcher and I stay up to date from my mother who keeps up with practically all of the Housewives and Married to Medicine episodes she can watch. I enjoy reality-based shows with some practical applications. Selling Tampa fits the bill. 

The only thing that I am not crazy about is how they are purposely catty, petty and downright mean sometimes. A working environment like that would stress me the heck out and I would need to go. I understand that they have to ramp up some drama for the sake of reality ratings/viewership. Nevertheless, I am enjoying watching the ladies navigate their personal lives and business lives while wheeling and dealing. I would like a little more on the actual houses and proper selling aspect. 

I did a couple of TikTok lives while watching and plan to upload them to my Youtube channel. I will most likely just podcast my other live watches though. As far as Selling Sunset, I recommend giving it a shot. The women get a little petty but also deal with real-life issues while trying to maintain their professional ones, and that is definitely the relatable aspect of this reality show. 


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