Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise was supposed to be released in June 2020. With theaters being closed for a time, the release date was pushed back to December 2020.

This works well for me since, I do not remember anything about the first one apart from him dancing in his white shirt. I only remember that because it is the one clip they keep playing. I will have a chance to watch the original Top Gun and remind myself what the hype was all about. I will say that the trailer is definitely intriguing. Now you already know, I always look for a little speck of me in the trailers.

To my pleasant surprise, I posted Jay Ellis in the 2.2-minute trailer. Yas! Come through Lawrence (Insecure in the house). The overall cast looks pretty impressive although I didn't think Val Kilmer was still doing movies like that. I am glad to see him make it to this second installment.

Check out the trailer below.


Fmyers1920 said…
I am ready to see it, but not ready for theaters. Maybe the drive in!!!

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