Thursday, April 9, 2009

Katherine Heigl Flip Flop

If Katherine Heigl, one of the Grey's Anatomy stars, were on a political campaign, she would be called a flip flopper so fast she would not know which side was right. First she wants to be off the show, now she wants to stay on "if they will have her." Now that her character has some touching scenes and action with some teeth, she wants to stay right.
I am all for making sure a person gets what they feel they deserve and ensure that they are not taken for granted. I understand that an actor has to make sure that she is not placed on the back burner. I just think it was tacky to announce that she wanted to leave because she was not happy with her character then do a 180. Wasn't there a different way this could have been worked out?

Mind you, I am not attempting to hate on Heigl. I really like her and remember her from her Roswell (I really loved that show) days. I loved her on 27 Dresses too. I just think her behavior (if the reports hold true) is a little bit on the tacky side.

Katherine Heigl will stick with 'Grey's' if they'll have her
Entertainment Weekly - ‎Mar 28, 2009‎
Katherine Heigl, the Grey's Anatomy star known for speaking her mind, is happy to stick with the show as long as they will have her. ...
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