'Twilight': Dakota Fanning will star in 'New Moon'

Dakota Fanning will join the cast of "New Moon." I can totally see her in this. Granted, I am simply going off how creepy and pale all the other actors look. Not that I am trying to diss Dakota. I think she is the cutest and most talented little actress out there. That is a young girl who seems to have her stuff together. Now this is going to be very shallow but this is Hollywood right? She is growing into a beautiful young adult. It seems she just skipped that awkward-ugly-I'm-not-sure-how-I'm-gonna-turn-out stage that child actors go through, which means she will continue to get strong roles (it's a good thing she can act too right). I am looking foward to her future work.

I have to first read the Twilight books before I start watching the movies and that won't be happening anytime soon. My life is so dreary right now. Just nursing books and more nursing books.

'Twilight': Dakota Fanning will star in 'New Moon'
Entertainment Weekly - ‎Mar 7, 2009‎ Dakota Fanning is set to star in the Twilight sequel New Moon, EW has confirmed. The actress will play Jane, a member of Italy 's evil Volturi, in the anticipated movie, which opens in November.


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