Monday, March 3, 2008

God's Word is Healing

Since I have been back, I have been so happy to be home and be with my family. It was pure joy (not like the one that God gave me) for a moment. After that moment, the problems of my everyday life assaulted me. Some are problems (financial ones) can be solved easily and practically although they will require some time and a strong plan. Other problems in my life require more. They require prayer and willingness, and truth, honesty, honor, love and the the willingness to fight for what God intended.

Some problems slice through our hearts and may leave us feeling hopeless and as if we want to give up. That is just how life is. When we are out of the problem or that phase in our life have past, we can see more clearly but when we are in the pit of the problem it is hard to focus of anything besides the pain and frustrations it causes us. I cannot say that I have been there because it seems more as though I live there.

Recently, I did not even want to read God's word. I sat and talked to God about my despair and how I was feeling. I was totally honest about not wanting to read his word. I thought I at least better talk to him so I did. This morning I woke up and decided that whether I wanted to or not I had to have a little bit of scripture in my heart today. So I found one or it found me, I don't really know.

I tell you, it was healing to my unrested spirit. Immediately, I was soothed and calmed and felt a little bit of the despair lift away from me. My heart was lightened. It was as if that particular passage was just waiting for my eyes to fall on it. This morning I am blessed and my heart is filled with the joy that is God. That is the power of God through his word. Don't doubt it. Don't fear it. Don't ignore it. God is real and Jesus is our usher to his glory.

Psalms 25 is the bomb this morning. Read it. Pray on it. Thank God for it.
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