Sunday, October 14, 2007

J. Holiday In Concert

I know you all heard that he will be going on R. Kelly's tour in the very near future.

Well, I got a chance to hear him this weekend and a little appearance he did around my way.

First off, I have a disclosure to make. As much as I am obsessed with everything in entertainment, I have never been star struck. I just don't do the gotta get a picture, screaming, going crazy thing. I don't have a collection of autographed anything. Personally, I don't even bother to get them because I will loose them. Now, I will take a picture, but that's really it. So with that, I did get to meet him this weekend, not that he would remember.

What can I say about the appearance? Well, he came in and went straight to V.I.P. Then he took a few (when I say a few, I mean a whole bunch) with the women in the club. I subjected myself to this waiting in line part, so that I could have the picture for the site.

Maybe it was taking the 100th picture or my shoving my business card in his face, he just did not seem like he wanted to be there LOL. Anywho, he performed, and one thing I can say without a doubt it that the boy can sing. He seems to know the secret to a good performance when a bunch of ladies are in the room- sing to them about how much you can rock their world in the sack. At one point he kinda sorta shoved his hand down the front of his pant. The females around me started screaming like it was cute to watch some dude pretend to love himself. RME, it was not cute at all.

He performed about three or four songs and he was done. I was a flash concert. I cannot say about personality and all that because he seemed a little out of it, but the boy can sing.

There will be more pics to come of his actual performance. Who am I? The one that really wants some Lasik eye surgery. My fro is da bomb though LOL. My husband said that I looked like I didn't want to get close to J. Holiday. Oh, if he only knew how close I wanted to get LOL, wink.

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