Sunday, September 30, 2007

October is all about Donna Hill

So, I just ordered my first round of Donna Hill authored books. If you are wondering why check back on my When I First Started Reading blog entry.

I have ordered Divas Inc, After Dark, Saving All My Love, and If I Were Your Woman. The woman has written over 50 books, so I know I won't be reading every last one of them but let's see how many I can read in October I have already read Loves Becomes Her and enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to the others.
Why Donna Hill this month? Well, I have read a couple of her books and enjoyed them so much that I have been meaning to read more of them. I love romance novels and she has written about 200 of them (I am exagerating, it is more like over 50) so I will have a good variety to choose from. Hopefully, I won't be dissapointed.

While I wait for my order to come in, I will be reading In Bed with Her Boss by Brenda Jackson. It has been a while since I have read anything by her, so I am planning to enjoy this little quickie.

Titles by Brenda Jackson

Other Donna Hill books ...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

Thanks for the props! Wow... a whole month just for me! LOL. 'Preciate it and you. Don't forget to add Wicked Ways to your list. It hit stores tomorrow.

Hugs and thanks