The Last Legion

Starring Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley and Aishwarya Rai, The Last Legion is the epic tale Excalibur's Sword before King Arthur. Now, I am having a difficult time with gauging the movie. It is reminds a lot of 300 in that the odds are definitely against a small group of people that are the under dogs. Just like 300, I am unsure about seeing this. However, when I finally did watch 300, I loved it. The other reasons I would want to see this movie is the outstanding cast. I enjoy watching Firth, Kingsley and Rai (yes, I have watched a few of her movies).

Bottom line, I will be catching this. It isn't the type of movie I would run to the theater to see but I definitely want to rent it.

The Last Legion Official Website

What do you think?


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