Monday, June 1, 2009

When you do not want to blog

Time is a very hot commodity for me at the moment. I anticipate that will be the case for, at least, the next year. Before, I could waste my time as I saw fit or really do whatever I want with it outside of work. However, with school sucking up every spare moment I have (did that sound bitter?), it is difficult to live free.
Blogging and writing is my outlet; however, even that is proving difficult lately. There is a motivation factor that impairs me from getting into my creative writing as I would like. Even if I have time to write one paragraph, I should seize it. Unfortunately, I do not. Instead, I find ways to lament over my professional career as a nonprofessional writer. Bottom line is that writers write and no matter what, I should seize every moment. I am working on that.
The other issue is this blog, which I enjoy because it is my escape. The problem is that on some days, like today, I just do not care about who just had a baby, who is going to have a baby, who is suffering from exhaustion, who got arrested, or who was running around naked.
God bless to all and live and prosper!

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